Child Abuse

© Anjali Grover

I am giddy, my body so weak,

My heart sinks, as tears roll down my cheeks.

My voice quivers, my pulse rate drops,

Frozen to death, my eyes see it all.

Lifeless I watch, the brutal child abuse,

It makes me miserable, my existence of no use.

Tender souls being tortured, in-and-out every body part,

Beaten with the sticks, thrown to the floor, torn apart.

One by one they lineup, waiting for their fate,

Their innocence destroyed, their smiles fade.

They shiver with fear, ripped, they cry out loud,

No one to rescue, no one to pull them out.

I wonder how ‘she’ repeatedly, commits such heinous crime,

Lashing her anger over them, shaming them all the time.

 She continues the torture, help, for she has lost her mind,

Leaving bruises and broken bones on body, and lasting scars on mind.

 Someone pull that stick, she holds it with all her might,

For they haven’t learnt how to speak, they don’t know how to fight.

 Someone shake this sinner, take away that knife,

For these kids, if survive, it’s a damage done for life.

Hey Mom could you hug them and wipe off their pain?

Hey Dad could you help them return to their childhood lane?

Oh Doctor, could you heal them and give them tender care?

Oh Teacher could you make them giggle, and make their world fair?

Oh Lord could you bless them, with them could you stand?

They really need you NOW, they need Your caring hand.

You know they deserve better, they deserve a good life,

Please be with them Oh Lord, that is all I pray for tonight….every night…for ever.



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