Mohira- A Woman’s Journey

Book Review by Anjali Grover
MOHIRA- A WOMAN’S JOURNEY is a blend of aspirations, love and betrayal, the efforts to keep the nuptial bonds intact and then liberating oneself to start afresh.

Mohira is an Uzbek who lives in south Kyrgyzstan. She carries some scars of ethnic tension and divide between Kyrgyzs and Uzbeks and aspires to settle in the US someday.

As the fate has it, Mohira falls in love with a peace corp and moves to the US. The move however brings with it stork cultural differences and adjustment issues. Mohira tries her best to adjust, but some engagements are beyond her understanding. Her marital relationship gets strained and bitter over time. This lands her in a divorce situation and her idea of ‘Living the American Dream’ ultimately comes to a bitter end.

Shattered and with nowhere to go, Mohira builds herself up from the scratch. With the help of her childhood friend, and the love and trust of her family, Mohira finally collects herself back and is stronger, determined and all set that ever to turn over a new leaf in her life.

The story is relatable and perhaps the journey of many women like Mohira, just that it ends differently for each of them. My takeaway from the book is: be good and do everything you possibly can to fix the issues in relationships. Be flexible, understanding and considerate but not at the cost of self-esteem and self-respect. It takes immense courage to do what Mohira did, it isn’t easy to part ways with those you love. But when enough is enough, it is perhaps best to move on.


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