Book Review By Anjali Grover

Authored by Emiley Bleeker, Wreckage is a story of survival and secrets.

Two plane crash survivors, Lillian and David, are stranded on an Island for two years. When rescued and flown back home, both decide to keep a few secrets from their families. After a series of exerting lies, they finally open-up and are off the burden that had been sitting on their chest plaguing them with undue anxiety.

The subtle chemistry between Lilian and Dave is interesting. They connect in the first instance and it stays throughout. There is a sweet mischievous play of head and heart, each taking turns to win over the other. Even after their conscious decision to return to their own married lives after the rescue, they seem emotionally inseparable. For some time it seems that, if only they had the slightest possibility of being together again, they perhaps would not think twice. But there is a lot at stake, and they finally choose family over ‘heart.’ A neat, non-controversial, selfless and safe climax to the story.

The book also touches upon one of the inborn and well fed human tendencies called ‘FEAR.’ The fear of ‘what ifs’ and the associated nasty stories that we weave within ourselves and the fear that ‘the world won’t understand.’ Once caught in this downward spiral, it just leads one towards negativity, guilt, lies and secrets.

Though the book does not offer enough to keep one intrigued., it can be considered a simple one-off read with a ‘happy’ end.


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