I come from a country known across the globe for its much admired rich culture and traditions, and also for the not so appreciated superstitious beliefs.

As a kid, I grew up amidst friends, relatives and acquaintances who did hold superstitious beliefs that varied across a wide array of practices. Back then, my ‘beyond-age wisdom’ and logic would debate, argue and try to find answers to things like the role of lemons and chilies hanging at the main doors of the shops, the relationship between us stopping and waiting for someone else to pass when a black cat would cross our path, connection between the twitching of an eye and bad omen, the sense behind hooting owls and death, the rationale behind itchy palms indicating loss or gain of money, bird poop meaning good luck, and the list goes on.

 Unlike my initial belief that ‘it happens only in India’, I have come to realize that these beliefs are omnipresent.

Speaking about self, being an educated and well informed individual, I had safely and proudly kept myself away from these illogical beliefs over the years. I thought it was best to avoid these thoughts as much as possible especially with kids around who would sneeze as soon as you are ready to step out of the house(sneezing is a bad omen). Not to forget, we have had a lot of cats in the vicinity, and if one is superstitious, the colour doesn’t really matter.

But they say change is the way of life, be it age, phase or beliefs.

Off-lately and strangely enough, I too was bitten by the superstition bug.

I may conveniently blame it on the ‘everlasting impressions of childhood’ but I must admit that my head no more retaliates, debates, argues or tries to find answers.

It is a change difficult to comprehend, but yes, it seems rationale to say that I recently got jinxed when I wrote my article about ‘MY SHARE OF GREEN.’ It seems to be under a dry spell and for now some lucky gem-stone or some quick tricks to ward of the evil will be a good start. Fingers crossed !!


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