My Share of Green…

By Anjali Grover

The grace of Abayas and Hijabs, the royal looks of Kanduras, the distinct fragrance of Oud, the serene spirit in the holy month of Ramadan, waking up to the soothing sound of Aazaan that fills my mornings with divinity … I am in love with this place.

I have lived in this place for quite a few years now, and life as an expat has been blissfully beautiful. The country has been kind and what seemed to be a far-fetched dream once is now the way of life. It is no more foreign, it is home.

It has been more than a decade and a half that I first came here. The place was as magnanimous then as it is today. In fact, it has added more to its portfolio. From posh lifestyle, luxury cars, and comfortable living spaces to a sense of everyday safety & security, gorgeous landscapes, and extensive infrastructure. You name it and this country has it. Everything so lucrative, it leaves you spellbound every time you see it.

For me personally, the true identity of a country lies in its people, without who the best of the high-rises shall lose their charm. It’s their warm demeanor, which makes a place loved and cherished. It’s their simplicity that creates unforgettable bonds. It’s their values and rich culture that creates an aura of serenity. It’s their openness to diversity that offers a mature outlook to welcome both similarities and differences. This place reflects it all, word by word.

Not to say it’s all rosy. Like any other place, life does offer its own set of challenges here too and the grass on the other side does appear to be greener. But deep down my heart, I am happy and thankful for my share of green and I hope it remains.



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